Monday, November 1, 2010

Mayor and City Council in Support of County Jail Bond

The following letter was submitted by the Jerome City Council in support of the County Jail Bond:

October 7, 2010

Jerome County Commissioners

300 North Lincoln, Room 300

Jerome, Idaho 83338

RE: Jerome County Jail Bond Initiative

Dear Commissioners:

On behalf of the City of Jerome, it is my honor to share with you my support and that of Bob Culver, Chris Barber and Dawn Soto of the City Council for your efforts to construct a new jail facility in Jerome County. A new Jerome County Jail will enable our community to provide safe and adequate resources to protect the physical safety and rights of law enforcement personnel and the public we serve.

The Jerome County Sherriff’s office serves an integral role in the City’s efforts to provide public safety and law enforcement services to our respective constituencies within the Jerome City limits. The County Sherriff’s office provides for the processing and housing of persons arrested by the Jerome Police Department in the County Jail. It has been the privilege of the Council and several of our city staff to tour and learn about the current needs, deficiencies and liabilities affecting the County Jail facility. The concern for unsafe conditions, inadequate accommodations to separate women and men, overcrowding, the costs of maintenance and housing prisoners at other facilities are all factors that justify the need and expense of replacing this facility. The City Council realizes that the current facility poses an unacceptable and immediate liability to our tax payers which could potentially cost them more than what the bond would be for building a new and adequate jail facility. It is our hope that the voters in Jerome County will take the time to become fully informed of the facts and issues for the proposed County jail bond and that they will be motivated to participate in the November 2nd election.

We are grateful to the Commissioners for the many hours of thoughtful research and planning that has been put into this effort to ensure that the residents of Jerome County may be protected and safe. Our two law enforcement agencies are frequently required to work together while responding to calls and investigating cases. This positive working relationship is deeply appreciated by the City Council and Police Department staff. We hope that this will continue to be the case as we are supportive of one another’s efforts to provide the best and most affordable law enforcement services to the Jerome community.

Best regards,

John Shine


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