Friday, December 3, 2010

Winter Driving Tips: Staying Safe in the Snow

With winter making its dramatic entrance last week, the City Police would like to remind all Jerome citizens of a few safe winter driving tips:
  • Buckle up always and use your safety belt. This means all passengers and children.
  • Be prepared; always carry a First-Aid kit, map, ice scraper, snow brush, matches, candles, flashlight, and warning triangles.
  • A blanket and an old pair of boots should always be kept in the car.
  • Keep all your car’s windows, mirrors, and lights clear of snow and ice.
  • Check that headlamps, turn signals, and tail lights are unobstructed by snow and ice.
  • Clear off the entire car when scraping windows in the morning, not just a little peephole in the windshield.
  • Add gas line anti-freeze to the fuel-tank when refueling in extremely cold weather.
  • Always keep gas tank over half full. If you get stranded, the engine will be your only source of heat.
  • Make sure your windshield wipers are in good operating condition.
  • Check windshield washer fluid level.
  • Check engine oil, cars use more oil in the winter.
  • Have a mechanic check the battery charging system and belts.
  • Always maintain a safe following distance between your car and the vehicle in front.
  • When driving in the snow, do everything cautiously and defensively!
  • If you must go out when the conditions are poor, take a friend with you. Four eyes are better than two
  • Restrain your pets and don’t forget to provide ventilation for them.
Before beginning your trip, know the current road conditions and weather forecast. You can get information via the phone at 1-888-IDA-ROAD.

Please drive safe and for more Winter Driving Tips, please visit

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  1. Great post you got here. I just finished a blog post about winter driving. It really is amazing how many people disregard Mother nature's force when it comes to their driving, yet every winter someone says "I didn't think I was going that fast!" right after they skid out into a snow bank!