Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road Construction and Closures

ROAD CONSTRUCTION AND CLOSURES: Throughout the months of June and July, there will be periodic road construction on South Lincoln between Interstate 84 and Yakima. Crews are installing a gravity sewer line and a pressure sewer line to service the developments south of the railroad tracks. During this time, we will need to close lanes and the median to facilitate trenching across S. Lincoln and pipe installation. Crews will work as quickly as possible to finish the project.

The project will be completed in two phases. Phase One will upgrade the gravity sewer line from the Sinclair to the Brockman Lift Station as well as pump and capacity upgrades to the lift station. Phase Two will install a pressure sewer line from the Brockman Lift Station along Victory Lane to H Street. Both phases will be completed simultaneously.

This is a Jerome City and Urban Renewal project. For questions, call 208-324-8189 ext 101. Thank you for your patience.

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