Thursday, February 10, 2011

Water Work to Perform Routine Maintenance on Water Valves

Waterworks crews will be starting a water valve exercising program next week, this programs involves visiting each water control valve in the system, to open and close it a few times to make sure it is functioning and keep it easy to operate when it is called upon. Over time sediment and scale will accumulate in the grooves in the valve and prevent the gate from closing all the way.

The program is expected to take until the middle of May to complete, during this time you may experience some or all of the following conditions, as crews move throughout the city. Each condition is followed by a suggested remedy.

Note; crews will do their best to flush any sediment out of the lines as they proceed, however if you experience any of the following…

  • Low water pressure; wait for crews to finish your area, if your problem persists please report.
  • Discolored water; Do not run your hot water, as this will draw the dirty water into your hot water system, instead, run your cold water tap for 5 minutes, if it does not clear up please report
  • Air in the lines; turn on your cold tap and run until clear water flows from the faucet.

In the event you experience some or all of these conditions try the suggested remedy and if it doesn’t get better please call 208-324 8189 or after hours 208-324-1911

Thank you for your patience, some of the benefits of this program are;

  • A more reliable, water system.
  • Making sure lost valves are found and ensuring found vales don’t get lost!
  • Quicker shut downs in the event of emergencies.
  • Lowering of operational cost associated with premature replacement of equipment.
  • Overall improved customer service.

This program combined with a flushing program will make sure you are being served our finest product.

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