Thursday, December 31, 2009

Agenda for Jan. 5 City Council Meeting

On January 5, 2010, at 5:30 pm, the Mayor and City Council will hold a regular meeting located at Council Chamber, 100 E Ave A in Jerome. Below is a copy of the agenda. NOTE: This will be Mayor Charles Correll's farewell council meeting as the Mayor of Jerome. Mayor Correll has served as mayor for 8 years with four years as a councilman before that. The Mayor Elect, John Shine, will be sworn in as the new mayor at this meeting, along with the swearing in of all newly elected councilmembers.

The agenda:

Call to Order – 5:30 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance
Consent Agenda
The consent calendar consists of items that are considered to be routine in nature and will be enacted in the form of one motion. Any item can be removed from the consent calendar and heard in its regular order at the request of any council member or the mayor.

1. Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of December 15, 2009 and special meeting of December 21, 2009

Installation of Elected Officials
1. Judge Thomas Borreson to administer the oath of office to Mayor-Elect John Shine and Council Members-Elect Robert Culver and Chris Barber
2. Mayor Shine to appoint a councilperson to fill a vacancy
3. Mayor Shine to appoint council members to the finance committee

Elect Council President
Confirm Appointed Officers
1. Judge Thomas Borreson to administer the oath of office to City Treasurer Ross Hyatt
Citizen Correspondence, Issues & Reports
2. Resolution No. 1-10 Naming 401(k) Plan Administrators
3. Resolution No. 2-10 Authority to Assume Duties
4. Resolution No. 3-10 Amending the Wellness Plan
5. Resolution No. 4-10 Amending the Employee Manual
City Council Discussion & Possible Action Items
6. Approve payment to Sunrise Engineers for services performed for the South Lincoln and Main Street Project in the amount of $6,062.50 – Public Works
7. Approve the applications for submission to NXGen Payment Services – Finance
8. Approval for Walt Appell to attend a NRWA meeting in Washington DC – Public Works
9. Approve Landscaping/Snow removal contract in the amount of $3,360 – Fire
10. Approve the replacement of the belt press drive assembly from Seepex Pump at a total cost of $7243 – Sewer
11. Approve purchase of a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado at a cost of $5295.00 – Water
12. Approve the sale at auction of office equipment and surplus vehicles – Fire and Water

Council Reports
City Administrative Report
Department Head Reports
Executive Session

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