Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Internet Usage Policy at the Jerome Public Library

To ensure the Jerome Public Library remains a family friendly atmosphere, the Library Board has approved a new internet usage policy, the "Acceptable and Ethical Network Use Policy." Below is a summary of these policies. For a copy of the entire policy, email Laura Burnett, City Librarian, at Beginning January 1, 2010, a filtering software will be utilized to ensure that these policies are observed by all library patrons accessing the internet.

The policies:

Jerome Public Library Computer Users Policy
(Adapted from Acceptable and Ethical Network Use policy)

Users shall be subject to the following conditions of use of the computer facilities offered by the Jerome Public Library:

• Users must have a library card. Users without a library card shall obtain access to designated “guest” station by requesting access from library staff at the front desk.

• Use by persons not having a library card shall be limited to the designated library computers, and to thirty minutes per session. Wireless users are not subject to the time limitation.

• Library account balance not to exceed $10.00 for all Library fees, charges, and fines or library and computer privileges are suspended.

• Daily use for minors (13-17 years with signed parent permission form) is limited to a one hour session. Minors accompanied by a parent who need to accomplish school work can request a longer time allotment.
o Minors only: There will be no more than one user at a computer at a time.

• Users will use computer stations in designated area for their age group. Child, Minor, Teen, , and Adult designations as marked on computer screens.

• Time limits for adults (18+) will be determined by staff and availability of work stations in the atrium.

• Users shall not access internet sites or view media depicting images of nude human genitalia, buttocks, or female breasts or which are pornographic, or sexually explicit.

• Users shall not create files on the computer, other than temporary internet files, or attempt to access or modify existing files.

• Users can download materials that are available for purchase through allowed sites with icons on the computer desktop.

• Users shall not install any programs, nor copy any programs.

• All use shall comply with all State and Federal laws and regulations.

• Violation of this policy may result in immediate suspension of the User’s computer privileges and, if appropriate, library privileges.
Adopted by Jerome Public Library Board of Trustees December 8, 2009

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