Thursday, December 31, 2009

Agenda for Jan. 5 City Council Meeting

On January 5, 2010, at 5:30 pm, the Mayor and City Council will hold a regular meeting located at Council Chamber, 100 E Ave A in Jerome. Below is a copy of the agenda. NOTE: This will be Mayor Charles Correll's farewell council meeting as the Mayor of Jerome. Mayor Correll has served as mayor for 8 years with four years as a councilman before that. The Mayor Elect, John Shine, will be sworn in as the new mayor at this meeting, along with the swearing in of all newly elected councilmembers.

The agenda:

Call to Order – 5:30 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance
Consent Agenda
The consent calendar consists of items that are considered to be routine in nature and will be enacted in the form of one motion. Any item can be removed from the consent calendar and heard in its regular order at the request of any council member or the mayor.

1. Approve the minutes of the regular meeting of December 15, 2009 and special meeting of December 21, 2009

Installation of Elected Officials
1. Judge Thomas Borreson to administer the oath of office to Mayor-Elect John Shine and Council Members-Elect Robert Culver and Chris Barber
2. Mayor Shine to appoint a councilperson to fill a vacancy
3. Mayor Shine to appoint council members to the finance committee

Elect Council President
Confirm Appointed Officers
1. Judge Thomas Borreson to administer the oath of office to City Treasurer Ross Hyatt
Citizen Correspondence, Issues & Reports
2. Resolution No. 1-10 Naming 401(k) Plan Administrators
3. Resolution No. 2-10 Authority to Assume Duties
4. Resolution No. 3-10 Amending the Wellness Plan
5. Resolution No. 4-10 Amending the Employee Manual
City Council Discussion & Possible Action Items
6. Approve payment to Sunrise Engineers for services performed for the South Lincoln and Main Street Project in the amount of $6,062.50 – Public Works
7. Approve the applications for submission to NXGen Payment Services – Finance
8. Approval for Walt Appell to attend a NRWA meeting in Washington DC – Public Works
9. Approve Landscaping/Snow removal contract in the amount of $3,360 – Fire
10. Approve the replacement of the belt press drive assembly from Seepex Pump at a total cost of $7243 – Sewer
11. Approve purchase of a 2005 Chevrolet Colorado at a cost of $5295.00 – Water
12. Approve the sale at auction of office equipment and surplus vehicles – Fire and Water

Council Reports
City Administrative Report
Department Head Reports
Executive Session

Be Prepared for 2010

Resolve to Be Ready 2010
Article by Clint Blackwood, Director of Jerome County Emergency Management

As the year 2010 approaches, many of us make resolutions that we are sincere in making, but very few manage to keep them. The Jerome County Office of Emergency Management offers a New Years Resolution that everyone can easily keep. Resolve to Be Ready. Being Ready for emergencies can be an easy New Year’s resolution to keep by following the Ready Campaign’s three simple steps: 1) Get an emergency supply kit; 2) Make a family emergency plan; and 3) Be informed about the types of emergencies and appropriate responses.

Taking these steps and having an emergency supply kit both at home and in the car, will help people for winter power outages and icy roads. Each of these kits should include basic necessities such as water, food and first aid supplies and to help you survive if you are without power or become stranded in your vehicle. Complete checklists for each kit are available online. In addition, by visiting or the Spanish language website , or calling 1-800-BE-READY or 1-888—SE-LISTO, individuals can access free materials that will bring their families peace of mind. This information is produced by the Ready Campaign in partnership with the Ad Council.

Our nation’s emergency managers, firefighters, law enforcement officers, EMT/paramedics, public works employees, and other first responders do an incredible job of keeping us safe, but they can’t do it alone. We must all embrace our individual responsibility to be prepared – in doing so, we contribute to the safety and security of our community and the nation as well.

The Jerome County Office of Emergency Management is working within the community to provide a comprehensive Emergency Management program which coordinates people and resources to protect lives, property and the environment within Jerome County by using an all hazards approach of mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery for disasters and emergencies.

Neighborhood preparedness training programs such as Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) and Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) are available. For more information please contact the Office of Emergency Management at 324-9261 or email

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How to Avoid a Sewer Backup

In a climate like southern Idaho, winter is the wost time for sewer backups. The City of Jerome frequently hears from residents who have sewer water backing up into their laundry rooms or other areas of the home where they may have drains draining directly into the sewer system. As a rule, the City will help residents clean up these backups and assist in recovering destroyed property, however the City is rarely entirely responsible for the situation. In fact, the blame for sewer backups should be attributed to the cold weather.

As the temperature cools down in the winter, wastewater from toilets, kitchen sinks, and other sources flow more slowly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. As a result, grease and other household products tend to congeal in cold sewer pipes, causing blockages and occasional freezing. As these blockages continue to build, the sewer line will back up into homes and businesses, causing an unsightly and smelly mess.

Here are a few tips to avoiding sewer backups:

1. The best way to dispose of grease to avoid blockages is to throw it away with the trash, instead of pouring it down the drain.

2. If you do end up pouring grease down the drain, always dilute it with dish soap and warm water first. Simply running hot water down the drain is not effective in disposing of grease and can actually increase the risk for blockages. By adding dish soap to the grease before pouring it down the drain, you will denature and break up the grease particles which will it to flow more rapidly to the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

3. If you plan on leaving on vacation or during extremely cold weather (when average temperatures are less than 15 degrees), leave a tap dripping so as to avoid freezing pipes.

4. If installing new sewer or water lines in a home or business, NEVER place pipes on exterior walls. This is one of the most common and avoidable causes for sewer and water pipe breakages. In addition, all pipes should be insulated, regardless of location.

5. Never flush anything that is not biodegradable or large enough to cause a blockage. "Flushable" does not mean biodegradable. Condoms, tampons, paper towels, rubber gloves, wet-wipes, rags, and many other commonly flushed items can easily cause blockages or maintenance issues at the Wastewater Treatment Plant. The best rule is this: WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT AWAY IN THE TRASH.

By following these five basic tips, you will greatly reduce your chances of have a sewer backup in your home or business. If you do experience a backup, please call the City at 324-7122 and let us help you with the clean up.

For any questions, please call City Hall at 324-8189 or the WaterWorks Department at 324-7122.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Gift Suitable for All Ages: A Christmas Message from Librarians Everywhere

What we really need is an all-purpose gift that will satisfy everybody.
It should be suitable for all ages. It should require no assembly. It shouldn't need batteries. You shouldn't have to feed it. It should last forever. It should be constantly entertaining. The more the recipient uses it, the more he or she should like it.

And of course, it should be free.

No such animal, right? Wrong. I'm talking about a library card.

I'll never understand it. Most adults these days carry cards of every description; most of them DON'T have library cards. So for the woman or man who has everything, why not offer everything else? -- access to the total accumulated knowledge of the human race, not to mention the most wonderful stories ever told.

Of course, the real winner of a gift like this is not an adult. It's a child.

Here's all you have to do to make your holidays a success. First, come down to the library and fill out a library card application for your child. Then, check out three of four books. Wrap the card and the books and offer them to your children in the fashion that your holiday traditions dictate. Save this very special package for last.

When the child rips it open, say that this unassuming little card will let him or her get presents all year long. Then read your child to sleep that night with one of the books.

After your children have gotten bored with their other toys, read them (or have them read) the other books, then trot them down to the library in that slow week at the end of the year. Teach your children about exchanging one present for another.

At the library, every day is Christmas. Behind every book cover there are riches. After introducing your kids to a treasure trove beyond Aladdin's wildest dreams, why not mosey over to the adult section, and browse through the latest offerings yourself? You know you deserve it.

Many people -- librarians, teachers, Secretaries of Education, even sport celebrities and actors -- have urged every child to obtain and use a library card. It's good advice.

Besides, at prices like these, who can argue? If you are not fully satisfied after a lifetime of learning and pleasure -- I'll cheerfully refund your money.

Trust me, this could be the best season's greeting card you'll ever send.

by James LaRue, Director, Douglas County Libraries, Colorado, December 24, 2007

Holiday Safety Tips from Chief Hatfield: Preventing Home Heating Fires

Who can prevent home heating fires? You can.

When the mercury drops, the risk of home fires starts to rise. Readers take note: Your family could be in serious danger! Heating equipment is the leading cause nationally of winter home fires and those fires are a major threat here in Jerome.

Although most people think they are safest in their own homes, homes are actually where we are at greatest risk of fire death. The nonprofit National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) estimates that 3,145 people died in home fires in 2003. More than 80 percent of fatal fires occur in the home.

And while October is known for fire safety in schools and workplaces and fire stations, autumn also signals the beginning of the heating season here in Jerome.

According to NFPA, heating equipment is the leading cause of home fires in the months of December, January and February. The organization estimates that roughly 55,000 home heating equipment fires occurred in the latest year the organization studied.

The Jerome City Fire Department wants to keep our city safe and hold down the number of heating-related fires this season. But we need your help.

Here’s what you can do:

• Keep things that burn at least 3 feet away from heating equipment.
• Use fireplaces, woodstoves, heaters and furnaces properly and carefully, with good maintenance.
• Get furnaces and chimneys inspected once a year and cleaned or repaired if needed.
• Closely watch children and pets in rooms with heating equipment, and keep them safely away.
• Turn off portable space heaters when you get ready to sleep or if you leave the room.

Who can prevent heating fires? You can. NFPA’s data show that most home heating equipment fires involve portable or fixed space heaters (including associated chimneys), because they require more attention. Central heating furnaces are usually installed by builders; space heaters are more likely to be installed or placed by occupants and here’s where caution should be observed.

The start of the holiday season is a good time to check out your home’s heating equipment because it comes just before the start of the heating season. Get your chimney inspected and the furnace tuned up. Make sure you have a fireplace screen. If you’re buying new heating equipment, always select products listed by an independent testing laboratory. Choose a qualified installer and follow all codes and manufacturers’ instructions. And save the user’s guide that comes with the heating equipment, so you can keep it properly maintained in the future.

As your fire chief, it’s my duty to tell you what I know about this seasonal fire hazard and provide you with the safety basics you need to prevent a heating equipment fire. Then it’s up to you. Preventing heating equipment fires is simple – just keep these safety tips in mind and you’ll be on your way to a safer heating season.

Workshop on Title 17: Planning and Zoning

Last night, the Mayor and Council met to discuss the City of Jerome's Planning and Zoning legislation, Title 17. The workshop covered the significant changes to the current Title 17, including deletion and inclusion of zones, inclusion of allowed uses within a district, changes to current setbacks for all zones, changes to the zoning map, and other "housekeeping" items that the new Title 17 will correct in the previous code.

When Mayor and Council are satisfied with a final version of the Title 17, official public hearings will be held for addressing citizen comments and inquiries. At this moment, the first public hearing is slated for the second regular council meeting in January, held on January 19th. For questions, contact City Hall:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Workshop on December 21 to review Title 17

The Jerome City Council will hold a workshop on Monday, December 21 at 5:30 pm to discuss the new Title 17 code that governs planning and zoning practices within City limits. This new Title 17 document will replace the current Title 17 and make for more sustainable regulations and planning practices. For questions, call Micah Austin 324-8189.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Become a Fan of City Facebook Page

If you haven't already, become a fan of the City of Jerome's Facebook page. It is listed under, "City of Jerome, Idaho." The City uses this page to post current and urgent public service announcements, as well as other communication updates from the City. If you are new to Facebook, setting up an account is easy and only takes a couple of minutes.

Monday, December 14, 2009

City Council Meets Tomorrow Night

The Jerome City Council meets tomorrow night for a regularly scheduled meeting. Council meets at 5:30 pm in City Council Chambers located at 100 E Ave A. The agenda for the meeting is copied below:

Call to Order – 5:30 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance

1. Give the oath of office to Firefighter Christina Jaegers
2. Award the Employee of the Month to Assistant Building Inspector Sonny Henry

Consent Agenda
The consent calendar consists of items that are considered to be routine in nature and will be enacted in the form of one motion. Any item can be removed from the consent calendar and heard in its regular order at the request of any council member or the mayor.

3. Approve the minutes of the December 1, 2009 regular meeting 091201MN.pdf
4. Officer Reports: Fire, Law Enforcement, Treasurer, Library, Building Dept Reports
5. Claims

Citizen Correspondence, Issues & Reports
6. Clint Blackwood, County Emergency Services to present the All Hazards Mitigation Plan
7. Thank you letter from Interfaith Volunteer Care Givers IntefaithThankYou.pdf

City Council Discussion & Possible Action Items
8. Approval to amend the Comprehensive Plan to include the City of Jerome, Idaho Impact Fee Study and Capital Improvement Plan – Administration ImpactFeeApproval.pdf
9. Approval to purchase eSoft InstaGate 604 Web Filtering Appliance for the library at a total cost of $4,049.00 – Information Services Librarysoftware.pdf
10. Approve the use of Grant funds to award a contract to Lee Nunnally Masonry for repair of the Senior Center rock wall for a cost of $16,690.00 – Engineering RockWallBid.pdf
11. Approve a Change Order in the amount of $16,380.00 for additional gravel from Walker Sand & Gravel for the Senior Center – Engineering SeniorGravel.pdf
12. Approve the purchase of an Ingram asphalt hotbox for street repairs in the amount of $27,622.00 – Public Works HotBox.pdf
13. Approve the placement of a stop sign at the corner of South Hayes and East Yakima – Public Works IMP Stop Sign Agenda Statement.pdf
14. Approval to purchase 2006 Chevy Silverado ¾ ton truck – Waterworks wastewater2006tk.pdf
15. Approval to purchase two 2004 Chevy Silverado trucks and one- 2005 Colorado Midsize pickup – Waterworks WaterTrucks.pdf
16. Approval to purchase used equipment trailer – Waterworks TrailerPurchase.pdf
17. Approval to go out to bid for the bio-tower construction project – Waterworks Bio-towerbid.pdf
18. Approval to repair 1998 Ford Crown Victoria at an approximate cost of $4,000 – Police VehRepair.pdf
19. Approval to auction surplus Herring Hall Marvin Safe – Police SurplusSafe.pdf
20. Approval to auction surplus 2001 Canon NP4050 copier – Police Surplus Copier.pdf
21. Approval to auction surplus 2001 Chevy Impala – Police SurplusVehicle.pdf
Council Reports
City Administrative Report
Department Head Reports

Thursday, December 10, 2009


PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to unusually low temperatures combined with freezing wind chills, there have been many complaints linked to broken water pipes. To ensure pipes do not freeze, keep a tap barely running overnight (a slow drip is sufficient). For questions, call 324-7122.

New Internet Usage Policy at the Jerome Public Library

To ensure the Jerome Public Library remains a family friendly atmosphere, the Library Board has approved a new internet usage policy, the "Acceptable and Ethical Network Use Policy." Below is a summary of these policies. For a copy of the entire policy, email Laura Burnett, City Librarian, at Beginning January 1, 2010, a filtering software will be utilized to ensure that these policies are observed by all library patrons accessing the internet.

The policies:

Jerome Public Library Computer Users Policy
(Adapted from Acceptable and Ethical Network Use policy)

Users shall be subject to the following conditions of use of the computer facilities offered by the Jerome Public Library:

• Users must have a library card. Users without a library card shall obtain access to designated “guest” station by requesting access from library staff at the front desk.

• Use by persons not having a library card shall be limited to the designated library computers, and to thirty minutes per session. Wireless users are not subject to the time limitation.

• Library account balance not to exceed $10.00 for all Library fees, charges, and fines or library and computer privileges are suspended.

• Daily use for minors (13-17 years with signed parent permission form) is limited to a one hour session. Minors accompanied by a parent who need to accomplish school work can request a longer time allotment.
o Minors only: There will be no more than one user at a computer at a time.

• Users will use computer stations in designated area for their age group. Child, Minor, Teen, , and Adult designations as marked on computer screens.

• Time limits for adults (18+) will be determined by staff and availability of work stations in the atrium.

• Users shall not access internet sites or view media depicting images of nude human genitalia, buttocks, or female breasts or which are pornographic, or sexually explicit.

• Users shall not create files on the computer, other than temporary internet files, or attempt to access or modify existing files.

• Users can download materials that are available for purchase through allowed sites with icons on the computer desktop.

• Users shall not install any programs, nor copy any programs.

• All use shall comply with all State and Federal laws and regulations.

• Violation of this policy may result in immediate suspension of the User’s computer privileges and, if appropriate, library privileges.
Adopted by Jerome Public Library Board of Trustees December 8, 2009

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Gift Ideas from Chief Mike Hatfield

Novel Gift Giving Ideas for the Holiday Season
(For the person who seems to have everything)

First Off, let me say that only a Fire Chief would possibly think the following gift is worth giving but please hear me out. Answer the following riddles. What gift would be appreciated if needed, but not necessarily something that a person would want to have to use? What is one of the cheapest forms of fire insurance you can own? And finally, what gift can you give that might save a life or valued property for less than $25? Give up? Now given that a Fire Chief is asking the questions, the obvious answer has to be a “Fire Extinguisher”. For under $25, a durable dry powder fire extinguisher with at least a 2A10BC fire rating can be purchased at almost any hardware store. You might say that the person you care for already has a fire extinguisher; fine, but does that person have two? One Extinguisher is not enough when you look at all the places a fire extinguisher could be needed. A fire extinguisher can be stored and needed in the car, kitchen, boat, RV or garage to name just a few of the places that come to my mind. That’s my pitch for fire extinguishers, but an equally inexpensive story about the need for First Aid Kits, Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors could apply as well. Just one last thought while you are wrapping that boring gift, make sure a candy cane or some sweet confection is tied to the present. Albeit that a valuable safety gift is needed, “Man does not live by a Fire Extinguishers alone”.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


From December 15 to March 1st, all trash will be curb-side pickup only in preparation for snowy streets. There will be no alley pickup for trash during this time. Beginning December 15, all alley carts must be placed on the curb for pickup.

For questions, call PSI 208-733-4441

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

City Council Meets Tonight

The Mayor and City Council meet tonight at 5:30 pm at the Council Chambers in Jerome located at 100 East Ave A. A copy of agenda is below:

Call to Order – 5:30 PM.
Pledge of Allegiance
1. Award the Employee of the Month to Grant Robbins – Public Works
2. Oath of Office to be given to new Firefighter Christina Jaeger

Consent Agenda
The consent calendar consists of items that are considered to be routine in nature and will be enacted in the form of one motion. Any item can be removed from the consent calendar and heard in its regular order at the request of any council member or the mayor.
3. Approve the minutes of the November 17, 2009 regular meeting and November 24, 2009 special meeting
4. Ratify payment to Eastern Idaho Railroad in the amount of $5,631 for work related to the force main project
Citizen Correspondence, Issues & Reports
5. Keith and LeeAnn Amend d.b.a. Kasota Construction to discuss water billing dispute.
6. Thank you letter from the Jerome County Historical Society

City Council Discussion & Possible Action Items
7. Agreement to settle a dispute over the distribution of tax revenues between the Jerome Highway District and the City of Jerome – Administration

Council Reports
City Administrative Report
Department Head Reports
Workshop to Discuss Proposed Changes to City Code - Waterworks