Friday, November 6, 2009

Design Guidelines Committee for Downtown Jerome

As mentioned in an article printed in the Times News last week, the City of Jerome is taking a proactive approach to revitalizing Jerome by instituting a set of design guidelines that address architectural and aesthetic standards for the downtown. The City is currently in the process of developing these standards. As part of this process, the City is encouraging anyone interested in assisting in contributing their opinion, concerns, and thoughts in creating these design standards to join the Downtown Design Review Committee. This committee will work closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission to draft design standards that reflect the desires and expectations of the community as a whole.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving on the Downtown Design Review Committee, the please contact the Planning and Zoning Administrator, Micah Austin, and let him know your interest. We are hoping to have these Design Review Guidelines completed by early 2010 so that we can begin the new year with the goal of revitalizing our downtown. Contact Information:

Micah Austin
208-324-8189 ext 101

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