Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Highlights from Last Night's Council Meeting

  • Rezoning of 32.02 acres located at 100 South and 100 East: PASSED
  • Fire Captains and newly hired Firefighters were pinned by Chief Hatfield (photos forthcoming)
  • Sawtooth Veterinary Hospital was publicly acknowledge for their contributions to the Jerome Animal Shelter
  • Dani Butz from Jerome High School proposed the idea of having a Youth City Council to the Mayor and Council. Her proposal was well received and Council expressed a desire to move forward with this. No motion was made.
  • Mayor and Council approved the purchase and construction of new bio tower for the Waste Water Treatment Facility. This bio tower will alleviate the over capacity issues that Plant is experiencing and reduce the amount of solids removed.
  • Mayor and Council approved a 2010 benefit package for health, dental, life, and vision insurance for city employees.
  • Ben Marchant, City Administrator, provided the Mayor and Council with an update on the City's Strategic goals and on a land acquisition project.
  • Micah Austin, Assistant to the City Administrator, updated the Mayor and Council on Planning and Zoning and on the various methods of communication current used to keep in touch with our citizens, including the e-Newsletter, the website, the City Blog, and Facebook.

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