Friday, November 13, 2009

Progress on the 93 Tech Park

Crews are making progress on installing sewer and water pipe at the the 93 Tech Park (also known as the Jerome Butte Tech Park). Predominantly completed by public works technicians, Randy Bryant and Ron Olsen, crews continue to install pipe even with the wintry weather. The pictures above show Randy and Ron fusing water pipes in preparation for installation.

After the infrastructue has been installed for the butte project, streets, curb and gutter will finish the improvements necessary for business to begin construction on their own buildings. With the POP and OC 192 broadband connection, the 93 Tech Park will be the most desirable location in the Magic Valley for tech dependent businesses. For more information, call the City's economic development team: 208-324-8189. Ask for Ben Marchant or Micah Austin.


  1. They have been there 2 years when are they going to be done?

  2. The progress if slated for completion in Fall 2011. Thank you for your patience.