Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Water Works Department Project Updates

Article posted by John Boyd, Director of Water Works for Jerome City

A major push to complete the Butte project is under way before the weather turns cold and becomes inclement. A team of 10 from Public Works and Water Works are working to complete this project. It is a team effort to get as much done as they can in the quickest time possible. Compaction, pipe installation, service and pipe testing are all the facets being done at the Butte. During the summer, hot, muggy, windy weather was braved by the entire crew, now they are in the race to beat the cold. This project is part of the Economic Development Agency (EDA) grant that the City acquired a few years ago. The goal of the project is to provide saleable lots that concentrate mostly on computer and hi-tech businesses. The other part of the EDA project is the reconstruction of the Brockman’s liftstation to accommodate bigger and more efficient pumps that will pump to the sewer line to be installed down Victory Lane to the H Street pump station.

At no cost to the City, new design membranes are arriving this week for the installation at the Membrane Bioreactor Plant (MBR). This MBR addition will replace the old style membrane which will then be used as backup membranes. These backup membranes will be used to assist staff when they need additional capacity as when they do a chemical clean, or a membrane repair. Currently, there is no easy way to do a chemical clean other than coming in at 2:30 in the morning and to start the process when the levels are low. This still will put the plant in high flows by the end of the workday and on into the night. The City was able to get permission to keep the membranes that are currently in basin 3 and 4 intact and look at installing the new ones in basin 5 and 6. This is a win win situation for the City of Jerome and Enviroquip, as the City will now acquire additional new “older design” membranes to keep basins 3 and 4 operational for years to come.

Irrigation season is coming to a close. October 3rd will be the last day for water to go down the pipeline. Starting October 4th the irrigation crew will start preparation of the irrigation system for winter. If you have any repairs that need completed when the water is out, please call 324-8189 and we will add your name to the list and schedule. Water Works Irrigation crew is currently replacing the irrigation pipe on 5th Ave West from Lincoln St. past the first driveway of St. Benedicts parking lot.

Yes, it is odorous on 100 West. This is the smell of solids being hauled for the Jerome Wastewater Plant. We are currently hauling belt pressed solids to the landfill in an effort to remove the solids from the plants drying beds. The plant has 3-4 big semis hauling to the landfill. We appreciate your patience in this endeavor. Also in preparation for the hauling season, the City of Jerome is looking for 25-40 acres that are available for rent to start composting the belt pressed solids. There are some special qualifications that must be met for the land to be used for composting, so if you have some land for rent please call 324-7122 and John Boyd, Water Works Director or Dennis Gross, Supervisor will be glad to consider your land for rent or answer any questions.

Water Works Water crew has been replacing one service line and repairing several other water leaks in the City. The line at Buchanan and 1st Street East was closed off the first part of last week for a service leak and repair that started Sunday afternoon. To stop this leak, the corp stop valve in the street had to be dug up and a temporary pipe clamp was put on the line to stop the leak until the crew came. Then on Monday, crew came in and started the complete line replacement from the main line to the meter which was also replaced. Another leak at 408 East 4th and then on West G kept the water crew quite busy.

The Bio-tower Tank project was completed this past week. The final distributor drive was hoisted to the top of the tank and installed to complete this project. Water Works is now waiting for the arrival of two pumps that will then be installed to complete the 2010 project. This tower will aid in the treatment of approximately 8500 lbs of loadings that come from the City and the Industry. This allows the Wastewater Facility to continue to meet the permit and enhance treatment as the City prepares for growth now and in the future.

The City of Jerome Water Works Department is looking at hiring 2 full time Water Operators-(closes Oct 1st) and a Class A CDL Truck Driver (closes Oct 8th ), Interested? Please see the add on the webpage at www.ci.jerome.id.us/city government/human resources/joblistings.

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