Monday, October 12, 2009

The City's Five Strategic Priorities

In carrying out the daily operations of the City of Jerome, employees keep in mind five strategic priorities. The priorities are focused on continual improvement of the community, infrastructure, safety, planning, and well-being of Jerome. When City department heads post their bi-weekly progress reports, they reference these five areas in order to detail the accomplishments and progress in the their department during the previous two weeks.

The City of Jerome's Five Strategic Priorities:
1. Inspire an inviting and friendly atmosphere
2. Promote balanced, diversified, and sustained economic growth
3. Provide professional and quality health and safety services
4. Provide prudent management and planning of our capital assets and fiscal resources
5. Attract and retain talented, motivated, and skilled professionals

To get an idea of how these work into our overall mission, below is an excerpt from the Department of Administration's Bi-Weekly Report. Ross Hyatt is the Finance Director and Department Head for the Administration Department:


 Worked with Kathy and created PowerPoint Presentation for Department Head Meeting. Focused Training on Purchase Management.
Priority# 4

 Met with Anita from the Jerome School District to go over roles for Safe Routes to School grant. City has agreed to act as
sponsor for this project. Finance Department is in charge of administrator of non-infrastructure portion of grant, while public
works in charge of infrastructure. Priority# 1

 Met with Representatives of Premier Insurance to go over viable insurance options for future coverage. Determined will gather needed
information for future quotes through HR. Priority#4

 Met with Kathy and Martie to go over Hazmat pay issue. Priority#4

 Met with Kathy Markus and Monica to go over Pay for Performance issues. Priority#5

 Attended council meeting and presented fund balance policy along with proposed transfer of funds within Water fund. Priority#4

 Met with Fire Chief Hatfield, Paula, Kathy, and Martie for Hazmat Reimbursement. Felt that additional time was needed to gather
information for more efficient and informative meeting. Priority#4

 Met with Representatives from Nexgen to go over options for credit card machines as well as billing processing and web-based
pay options. Nexgen is preparing a proposal for the library for a credit card machine, and are signing us to utility bill rate. Priority#4

 Attended HR training – gathered relevant information in becoming better managers as well as FLSA standards. Priority#5

 Met with Pat to go over ZGA Architects Space Needs analysis. Priority#4

 Met with Monica to work through Pay for Performance Spreadsheet. Priority#5

 Continued work with Kathy in learning new tasks, learning backgrounds of relevant issues at hand in department, and performed
other responsibilities of position. Priority#4

 Attended the final Citizens Academy. Priority 5

 Kathy began sharing w/Shonna duties related to Office of the City Clerk. Priority 5

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