Friday, October 23, 2009

Update on City Projects

The following project updates were posted by the Director of the Public Works Department, Walt Appell:

 Project Updates

West 8th and Date:
The Public Works portion of this project is complete until the actual construction gets underway. There have been some delays in getting this project started due to minor paperwork processing at the state level. We expect to begin work in December.

Traffic Signal on South Lincoln @ I-84:
I contacted ITD and they informed me that the bid opening was on the 20th of October at 2 PM. The traffic signal project is supposed to be scheduled for November weather permitting. This project is not Public Works but we have kept involved since it is within our city limits and it involves the area that we maintain the grass and sprinkler system in.

Safe Routes to School:
The PS&E package has started being put together now due to the change in dates that was sent out by the state. The new date is 01/2010 instead of 07/2010. This project looks like it will be started in the early spring and completed before school starts in 2010. The second application for another project involving North Birch is on hold until they see how the first one is completed.

93 Tech Park:
The crews have been out on site unloading sewer manholes and some water supplies. And yes, we are now starting to receive pipe for the sewer line installation. We will have part of the Infrastructure crew on site and starting work on 10/26/2009 at 8 AM. Since it took awhile for pipe to start arriving the trenches have weeds in them that the wind has blown into them. This means that they will burn them out before they start of installing the pipe.

Senior Center:
The big hole in the Southwest corner of the property has been dug for the installation of a French drain that will dispose of the storm water and snow melt per the storm water management requirements. Some pipe repair for the irrigation system will have to be completed before we can construct the French drain. As for the old rock wall no funding has been found for the restoration which may cause it to be removed due to the safety of our citizens.

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