Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fall in Library Land!

Happy National Family Day! for more information check out this link

The past two weeks have been busy and productive for in library-land! Luckily the kids have gotten back into their routine and have settled down a notch, all computers have been functioning well, and the hiring process for both open positions went like clock-work.

We successfully completed two rounds of interviews and made offers to two fabulous women. Our circulation desk clerk should be starting this week and our new children's programmer will start after completing her two weeks notice with her current employer. We are all very excited with the level of quality and experience both of these people will bring to the library. Watch for new faces and welcome them to the City!

Laura and team sat down for performance evaluations and goal setting for the coming year. Edie will be making improvements to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy collection as well as attending Library courses at CSI, Vicki will be making many improvements to the children's collection, and Angie will be adding an academic emphasis to teen services. We are all looking forward to a great FY10.

Vicki and Edie have cataloged many new adult and children's materials for the collection.

Patrons have caught on quickly to the new on-line catalog and all of its features. The "hold" function is quite popular and the use of books from Burley and DeMary has been a welcome addition to our services.

Laura, Angie, and Edie will be attending the Idaho Library Association conference in Burley this week, leaving Vicki to run things with Cliff and Charlie. Due to staffing issues caused by conference attendance, the library will close at 5pm on Wednesday vs. 8pm. Come early if Wednesday is your usual night to shop.

1,200 children's books arrived for distribution through our "Spoonful of Stories" program that will kick of on October 15 at 6pm. If you know of a family with children ages 4-8, please have them call to sign up to participate. Every family will receive a book a month for 12 months with the goal of creating home libraries throughout Jerome for 100+ families.

Happy Autumn,
Laura Burnett
Director of Jerome Public Library


  1. Will the library keep its extended hours through winter? Also, would it be possible to include a "Nature Writer's" section at the library?
    Thank you.

  2. Yes we will keep our extended hours and in 2010 we will be open 9am-7pm, Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm on Friday, and 10am-2pm on Saturday.

    While we won't be able to make a nature writer's section, we can do a display. Are there certain authors you are fond of or are you looking for a way to find authors in this subject?

    We appreciate knowing what the community would like to see in their library and we will try to accommodate requests as much as possible.

    Laura Burnett, Director JPL