Monday, October 5, 2009

First Snowfall of the Year

The weekend was busy for several City departments. An early snow storm blew in on Saturday night and by Sunday morning, three inches of soggy snow had brought down hundreds of leafy branches all over Jerome, calling the Public Works crews to clear away broken limbs from city sidewalks and streets. By 8:00 am this morning, the PW crews were scouring the parks clearing the branchs and debris.

The Fire Department and Police Departments answered several calls related to the storm over the weekend, including 20 calls for service for Fire Department alone. Most of the calls for service were utility related, with branches and limbs bringing down telephone lines, cable lines, and power lines.

If you have a concerns or question for the Public Works Department, Fire Department, or Police Department, their numbers are listed below. For emergencies, call 911.

Public Works: 324-9669
Fire Department: 324-2323
Police Department: 324-4328
City Hall: 324-8189


  1. Can the Public Works Department come by my house to pick up branches and limbs?

  2. To answer the previous: Yes, the Public Works Department will pick up brush and limbs if they are taken to the curb and accessible to crews. To schedule a brush/branch pickup, call 324-9669 and leave a message for Walt Appell, the Director of Public Works. We hope this helps out.

  3. Thanks so much for chipping branches after the snowfall. Most appreciated!