Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Design Review: Article in Times News

The article below appeared this morning in the Times News. In summary, the Design Review process is a proactive approach to revitilizing downtown Jerome and ensuring that quality workmanship is used when improving or altering business storefronts and facades. Public input is appreciated as we fine tune and revise the Design Review process. Please leave an anonymous comment if interested. Here's the article:

"The city of Jerome is preparing a new city code that will require downtown property owners to have city approval before making changes to their buildings and signs.

Micah Austin, assistant to the city administrator, said the code is commonly used in small communities to protect the value of older buildings.

He cited McCall and Ketchum as a few examples.

If passed by the city council, the code would require property owners to bring some form of design plan before the city planning and zoning committee for review.

The volunteer committee would have the authority to approve or deny requests.

"The purpose of the design and review process is to ensure that buildings follow the theme of Jerome," Austin said. "Currently, we have little or no standards for building design and improvements."

Austin said there will be no cost or fees associated with the design and review process.

Two business owners contacted by the Times-News said they support the proposal, saying down-town Jerome looks rundown because of shoddywork on storefronts andtemporary signs.

They asked not to be identified because they feared offending neighboring businesses.

If approved, the code will be applied to commercial and residential properties within the business district on Main Street and Lincoln Street.

Austin said the proposal is being reviewed by the city attorney, who will send it to the planning and zoning committee for review.

There will be a public comment period before it is voted on by the city council.

"We don't want this to be a unilateral decision," Austin said. "We want to people to make comments and suggestions because it affects them."

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